Organic Gardening

We have lots of great products to help you with organic gardening.

Let’s begin with Pest Control:

-Lady Bugs: they will eat the aphids.

-Praying Mantis eggs: Each egg has approximately 300 baby Praying Mantis’. They will eat aphids and other soft bodied insects.

-Year Round Oil Spray (sometimes called Horticultural Oil): made from a petroleum organic oil; safe to use on edibles. Great for treating aphids, mealy bug, scale, and other insects. One of our favorite products.

-Insecticidal Soap Spray: made from potassium fatty acids.

-Safer Brand Caterpillar Killer: made from Bacillus thuningiensis. Good for treating worms and caterpillars.

-Sluggo: controls snail and slugs in your yard, and is non-toxic to pets and wildlife. Made from iron phosphate.

-All Natural Snail and Slug Spray RTU: 100% organic.

-Copper Tape: protect your potted plants from slugs and snails.


We have a large variety of organic fertilizers from E.B. Stone / Master Nursery.

-Starter Food

-All Purpose Plant Food

-Rhody, Azalea, & Holly Food

-Citrus & Fruit Food

-Tomato & Vegetable Food

-Rose & Flower Food

-Bat Guano

-Bone Meal

-Blood Meal

-Agricultural Lime (Dolomite Lime)

-Granular Gypsum

-Compost Maker

-Cottonseed Meal

-Nature’s Green Lawn Food

-Liquid Fish Emulsion

-And Japanese Maple Fertilizer by Fox Farm. Soil

We have great soil products from E.B. Stone / Master Nursery that are made with organic ingredients.

-Professional Potting Soil

-Potting Soil

-Gold Rush


-Camellia, Azalea, Gardenia Planting Mix

-Steer Manure

-Chicken Manure

-Earthworm Castings


-Copper Fungicide: a great product to treat powdery mildew, black spot, rust and early blight.

-Serenade Garden Disease Control: certified organic.

Organic Plants and Seeds

We have a small selection of organic seeds and a larger selection of organic herbs and edibles.

Seeds from Ferry Morse:


-Romaine Lettuce

-Bibb Lettuce

-Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce



-Common Thyme

-Squash- Straightneck

Organic Starts in 3 inch pots:





-Italian Parsley

-Italian Oregano

-Cinnamon Basil


-Lemon Balm

-Genovese Basil

-Lemon Basil

-Ground Cherry Tomato




-Winter Squash

-Eversweet Strawberry

Stop by Encinal Nursery this weekend for organic products. Please note: herbs and veggies that are listed here are not always in stock! If you can’t find what you are looking for, please ask questions!

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