Encinal Nursery carries a large selection of houseplants in our store and hot house. We can also special order plants.

New shipments every week!


-African Violets

-Christmas Cactus (seasonal)

-Cactus and Succulents

-Carnivorous Plants (seasonal)

-Tillandsia (Air Plants)

-Glazed Pottery



Please do not leave questions/comments on this site – they go to our spam folder. Call (510)522-8616 for the quickest response.

64 thoughts on “Indoor

  1. Yes- but there are several varieties – mostly outdoors- and not all are in stock. We probably have meyerii and sprengerii.

  2. Do you currently carry any rubber plants? If so, can you please tell me which kind and their prices? I’ll be visiting from Sacramento. Thank you so much.

  3. I believe we have 4 inch and 6 inch. Please call to confirm. 510 522 8616. I am gone for the week.

  4. Hi,

    If I was given a couple plants and pots (wedding gifts)can you help drill holes and replant for a fee? Thanks!

  5. Yes. Unfortunately, they are not labeled. There is a green one with some white freckles (maybe hoya pubicalyx?) and variegated (hoya carnosa).

  6. We have 2 Fiddle Leaf Ficus Trees (4ft), 1 Little Fiddle Braided Tree (4ft), 1 Ficus Amstel King Tree (4ft), 1 Ficus Traingularis Bush (6ft), and a couple Ficus Benjamina Columns(4-5ft). We also have Norfolk pines (1 ft or 3ft) and Leyland Cypress in the 2-5ft range.

  7. Hello, do you have any ficus trees or other indoor trees at the moment? We are looking for at least 4 ft tall. Also, do you have potted Christmas trees?

  8. Hi, do you guys currently have any Venus Fly Traps in season right now? I am very interested in having it as an indoor plant in my home. If not, any suggestions on where to get one?

  9. Yes. We sell ficus burgundy, ficus rubra, ficus Sylvia ( all rubber plants). Different sizes are available, starting at $8 up to $135. 6 inch pots are $18.

  10. Do you sell Rubber Plants? Interested in size and price please, would like to give as a gift!
    Thank you in advance!

  11. No- might be able to special order it. We go shopping on Fridays. Call the nursery if you want us to look for one. 510-522-8616

  12. We have a few Ficus Lyratas (1 large tree, 2-3 small braided trees, 2-3 small bushes). We have Dracaena Marginata, Dracaena Lisa, Dracaena Compacta, etc.(3-5 ft).

  13. Yes to all. Not many right now- we only have 1 fiddle leaf (5ft $135), small rubber plants ($18), and 1 braided ficus ( small3ft, $65). We should have more at the end of the week.

  14. Do you carry Rubber trees, Braided Ficus or the Fiddle leaf fig as indoor plants? What sizes do you sell the pots in?

  15. Yes. The main things you will need are Charcoal (to absorb water) and/or rocks ( for drainage), and cactus/succulent soil. The second thing is to make sure your terrarium is near a window and gets a lot of light. Laurel is available thurs-mon to help.

  16. Generally, we do not take plants. But, you can send a picture to so we can take a look! If we are not interested after seeing the picture, you can try craigslist or join the Alameda Garden Swap on Facebook. You can give them away or trade. Thank you for your message.

  17. Would you be able to help me put together a Terrarium if I brought in the container I’d like it in? I am probably looking more for a succulent one since I have a black thumb. 😦

  18. Our indoor ferns are 4 inch, 6 inch and some 8 inch pots. Out door ferns, we have 4 inch, 1 gallon, 2 gallon, 5 gallon, and some 15 gallon (tree ferns).

  19. Do you sell moonflowers, poppys, morning glorys and/or venus fly traps? The flowers I’d like to grow from seed.

  20. We do not carry “true bonsai” (pines, junipers, etc), but we do have a couple indoor bonsai (Ficus, Scheflerra, and Money Tree). They are small, maybe 8-10 inches tall.

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