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    • We have one 15 gallon Fuyu. $165. Spring is a better time to buy persimmon. Not much is available now. If you want to order one, please give us a call. (510) 522-8616.

    • We have golden bamboo. 20 gallon $325. There might be black bamboo also. If you are looking for a certain type, please call and we can research the cost and availabilty. 510-522-8616

  1. Hi, do you have any narrow barrels? I would prefer a barrel that is about 15-20″ in diameter, maybe a 20/30 gallon size (about 27-30″ in height) for a dwarf Meyers tree.


    • No. You can call the nursery and leave your name and number, and we can try to order it. 510-522-8616. We go shopping on Fridays.

    • Meyer Lemon, Washington Navel Orange, Mexican Lime, Bearrs Lime, Hass Avocado, Blueberry, Mission Fig, Pineapples Guava, Honey Babe Peach, Fuyu Persimmon, Fuji Apple, Blackberry, Raspberry, Strawberry, Goji Berry, Cherry, etc. We do not have any tangerines in stock, but place orders weekly if you specify the variety. 510-522-8616

      • Can you recommend which (if any) fruit trees will grow successfully in shade? (2-3 hours direct sun daily max)

      • Sorry, any tree that produces fruit needs a lot of sun. Either all day or all afternoon. 2-3 hours of sun is not enough. You will have little or no fruit.

    • Sorry, No. It looks like it would be difficult to find and not grow well in California according to the USDA map (Zone 5 maybe 4, midwest). Try online.

    • No. Flowering cherry season is over, and we do not stock birch or willow trees (both get large). We do go shopping every Friday if there is something specific you want to order. We need the botanical name and size of the container. Currently we have laceleaf Japanese maples that cascade and weeping redbud. 510-522-8616.

  2. I’ve heard basil is a great companion to tomato plants. We have a tomato plant that is doing well in a container and would like to plant basil. Is it too late to start a seedling? Or should we buy a basil plant and transfer it in? If so, do you have a basil plant I can buy? Thank you! =)

    • Right now, we only have 2. One braided (6 1/2 feet $250), and one regular (6 ft $199). We are going to try to get more next week.

  3. I’m looking for a weeping miniature tree – perhaps, cherry, crabapple, other? Do you have any in stock or recommendations? Tree will be planted in full sun, up by Lake Chabot.


    • We do not stock Nectarines. We can special order them. 15 gallon would be around $125. Call if you want us to try and order one. (510)522-8616

  4. Hi! I’m looking to find some tall mature bamboo to plant in a slender planter box about 3′-4′ wide for privacy between neighbors in a shared patio space. Would something like this be available and what would the approx cost be? Thank You! – Jennifer

    • Hi- bamboo are fairly high maintenance, messy and thirsty. We currently only have black bamboo which is a running type. We have other options for screening plants such as silver sheen pittosporum or podocarpus gracillius. If there is a specific bamboo you are interested in, please call to request a special order. (510) 522-8616.

      • Hi Laurel, thanks much for the quick reply! The area is under some stairs in a patio that doesn’t get direct sunlight, so I’ll need a reed type plant that will survive without much direct sun. Would Horestail Grass be better? Is it less maintenance/thirsty?

  5. Hi Laurel, I wanted a reed type plant because the area I have to work with is very small, and the recommendations you gave above (though lovely) are quite bushy and will take up too much space in this particular tiny patio area. I like how slender bamboo or horsetail grass would be, taking up less of a footprint. Is horsetail grass in stock? Thanks again for your help!

  6. I’ve read horsetail grass grows up to 3′-0″ to 4′-0″ and many photos I’ve come across look like it will be tall enough for what I’ll require. I’ll try to come by sometime soon and see what you have available in person. It is not a tall/big space. It is under some public stairs in my building, but thank you for your input Laurel.

  7. Hello, I am looking for a few outdoor plants and wondering if you guys do carry it. They are redtwig dogwood, yoshino cherry flowering tree or kwanzan cherry tree, and mexican bush sage

    • We carry the Mexican sage and redtwig dogwood. We can order either cherry. Special orders are every Friday. Call or stop by to place your order. 510-522-8616

    • No. It would be more likely available in the spring. We can order Asepias fascicularis, but they are dormant. Please call if you wish to order. (510) 522-8616

    • Not at the moment. We have flowering plum, and fruiting peach and nectarine. Please call with the variety you are interested for a special order. (510) 522- 8616

    • We only have summer cascade wisteria. We do special orders every Friday if you would like to order a different variety.

  8. Do you carry Chinese flame trees (Koelreuteria bipinnata)? I’m looking for 2-15 gallon size trees? If so, could you provide a price estimate? Thank you!

    • Yes. Black Mission 10 gallon $95 and 1 gallon $14.50. Little Miss Figgy 3 gallon $55. Panache Tiger 5 gallon $65.

  9. I’ve been looking for green grape vines and it was suggested to try your nursery. I’m looking for the green grape vine do you carry them or any at all?

    • We have Thompson seedless at $19.50 for a 2 gallon. If you need something else, we do special orders every Friday. (510)522-8616

    • Sunburst, atropurpureum, fiesta, zwartkop, cabernet fluffy. If you need to order a specific one, call Kelly. (510) 522-8616

    • No, that would be a special order item. We shop every Friday for special orders. Please call or come in if you wish to order with the specific variety. They are known to have many issues ( mildew, root rot, other fungus problems, canker disease) and can reach 80 feet tall.

  10. Happy Friday!
    Do you guys have the black or red dwarf ever bearing mulberry trees available, I prefer it is about 5-7 feet tall, thanks!

    • No mulberries in stock. Please provide a variety name if you wish to special order. We do special orders every Friday. Call or stop by to order (510) 522-8616.

  11. Looking at Alameda suggested tree list: Trident Maple and Western Redbud seem like good fit for our space, do you have these on hand?

    • We only have Lantana Dallas red, trailing purple, and trailing white in stock. Sold out of many seeds, but we still have some left.

  12. Hi , we are looking for a few vegetable starts, specifically eggplant & a few others as we have only limited space – do you guys have those this year? Thanks!

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