Just a few more…

Announcement–Cocoa Hulls are back in stock!

A few more new items:

Dinner Plate Dahlias--only a few left!

4 inch Iris plants

1 gallon Chocolate Cosmos

Yellow and Pink Poppies

Lots of Butterfly Bushes

White Mexican Sage

New Take Down Garden Spray--made from pyrethrin and canola oil

Galvanized Watering Cans--2 sizes available

Colorful Indoor Plants



New items at Encinal Nursery

Giant Tomato Plants $35

Venus Fly Traps are back!

New Plant Stands

New Statues



Black Petuinas

Black and White Pinstripe Petunias

Hydrangea Lime Light


Water Hyacinths

Cuphea and Mini Grass

Weed Prevention Plus--Made from Corn Gluten