Organic Gardening

We have lots of great products to help you with organic gardening.

Let’s begin with Pest Control:

-Lady Bugs: they will eat the aphids.

-Praying Mantis eggs: Each egg has approximately 300 baby Praying Mantis’. They will eat aphids and other soft bodied insects.

-Year Round Oil Spray (sometimes called Horticultural Oil): made from a petroleum organic oil; safe to use on edibles. Great for treating aphids, mealy bug, scale, and other insects. One of our favorite products.

-Insecticidal Soap Spray: made from potassium fatty acids.

-Safer Brand Caterpillar Killer: made from Bacillus thuningiensis. Good for treating worms and caterpillars.

-Sluggo: controls snail and slugs in your yard, and is non-toxic to pets and wildlife. Made from iron phosphate.

-All Natural Snail and Slug Spray RTU: 100% organic.

-Copper Tape: protect your potted plants from slugs and snails.


We have a large variety of organic fertilizers from E.B. Stone / Master Nursery.

-Starter Food

-All Purpose Plant Food

-Rhody, Azalea, & Holly Food

-Citrus & Fruit Food

-Tomato & Vegetable Food

-Rose & Flower Food

-Bat Guano

-Bone Meal

-Blood Meal

-Agricultural Lime (Dolomite Lime)

-Granular Gypsum

-Compost Maker

-Cottonseed Meal

-Nature’s Green Lawn Food

-Liquid Fish Emulsion

-And Japanese Maple Fertilizer by Fox Farm. Soil

We have great soil products from E.B. Stone / Master Nursery that are made with organic ingredients.

-Professional Potting Soil

-Potting Soil

-Gold Rush


-Camellia, Azalea, Gardenia Planting Mix

-Steer Manure

-Chicken Manure

-Earthworm Castings


-Copper Fungicide: a great product to treat powdery mildew, black spot, rust and early blight.

-Serenade Garden Disease Control: certified organic.

Organic Plants and Seeds

We have a small selection of organic seeds and a larger selection of organic herbs and edibles.

Seeds from Ferry Morse:


-Romaine Lettuce

-Bibb Lettuce

-Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce



-Common Thyme

-Squash- Straightneck

Organic Starts in 3 inch pots:





-Italian Parsley

-Italian Oregano

-Cinnamon Basil


-Lemon Balm

-Genovese Basil

-Lemon Basil

-Ground Cherry Tomato




-Winter Squash

-Eversweet Strawberry

Stop by Encinal Nursery this weekend for organic products. Please note: herbs and veggies that are listed here are not always in stock! If you can’t find what you are looking for, please ask questions!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 8th.  We have lots of great gift ideas:

Color Bowls

Hanging Baskets-- Fuschia shown

Variety of Orchids

Orchids close up

Spring Cactus

African Violets




Air plants and Terrariums

-Rose bushes

-Fruit trees– lemon, apple, pear, etc.

-Blueberry, raspberry, and strawberry plants

– Herb bowls

And much more!!

As always, gift certificates are available.  Come by this weekend!

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